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One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causes an addiction!

Take Ten! is a logic puzzle game also known as Numbers, Digits, Sunflower seeds, Seeds, Column or Ten. Rules are very simple: your main goal is to remove all digits from the game field by deleting pairs of equal digits or pairs of digits that add up to ten. If no more moves are possible all remaining digits will be rewritten from the last cell. There is an illustrated and more detailed guide in the application.

Want to play Take Ten on your native language? Help us to translate it! Write to shadowbizgame@gmail.com

Be smart! There are a lot of ways to solve this puzzle! Good luck and have fun!

- Hints, undo, save game
- Google Play Games services
- Day and night mode
- 3 game modes: Classic, Random and Chaotic!

Tired of action games? Try to play Take Ten!

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